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How To Get Into Concerts For Free | Learn the secrets how you can get free concert tickets & backstage passes to your favorite bands & concerts

Jessica Simpon & Chris Barrett Backstage at age 16

Jessica Simpon & Chris Barrett Backstage at age 16

When I turned 13 I began to realize just how much money I was spending on concerts. At times I was going to 8 concerts a month, easily spending $200 just on tickets. This didn’t include parking, transportation, food, drinks and merchandise. I envisioned myself going into severe debt just over concerts; forget about college. I knew that there had to be a way to save money while still getting to see all my favorite bands. I didn’t want to sneak into concerts because I didn’t want to get in trouble with the law. I also cared about the artists I was going to see and didn’t want to cheat them out of what they deserved. I watched people doing interviews and people on guest list getting in for free. I knew that there had to be a way that a kid like me could get in for free too!

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By the time I was 15 I had mastered the techniques of getting into concerts for free. It was then that I decided that I had to share these secrets with the rest of the world. Every kid deserved to see what I was seeing for what I was paying: Nothing!

emailed me about how they met Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, No Doubt and Metallica! I hope that many more can learn how to meet their favorite stars.

    • How to get free tickets (to even sold out shows)I have attended over 150 concerts in the last 10 years, all for FREE! I have gotten into sold out shows the night of the show without ever purchasing a ticket!
    • How to get free backstage passesHanging out backstage is the best way to enjoy any concert. When I was 17, I was hanging out in the press area at the Vans Warped Tour. Guess who came up and were standing behind me talking? Mark, Tom AND Travis from Blink 182!
    • How to get free video & photo passeshaving a video pass means that you can tape the entire concert! I have a collection of video taped concerts for my own enjoyment whenever I want to! There’s nothing like watching a concert from the comfort of my own bed!
    • How to get free press passes - The press area is always very exciting at festivals. All the bands come by to check out what is going on and meet with people. You can ask them almost anything and hang out with nationally recognized journalists!
Never sit this far away again!

Never sit this far away again!

    • Start your own concert magazineStarting your own concert website or magazine is the best way to share your concert experiences and show off all of the pictures of you with celebrities. It’s not at all difficult and you’ll have fun creating it!
    • How to get free promotional CDs before they are releasedWhat could be better than getting free CDs delivered at your doorstep? It’s better than downloading the CDs off the Internet because it is faster, easier and it’s not stealing from the band. Also, I don’t have to spend time to go out and buy CDs. I even get CDs before they come out in the stores; at the same time the Record Magazines get their copies!
    • What to do once you are hanging out backstage with your favorite band- Ever imagine what you would say to your favorite star if you could? Well now you can! I was hanging backstage at one show and I was watching the band (which will remain nameless) practice their instruments, eat food, and play with toys. Yes they requested those little toys you would buy at a dollar store! These are once in a lifetime experiences that you could have all the time!
    • How to get free interviews with any band - You can get your own private interview with your favorite band! I have done interviews with all my favorite bands asking them whatever I wanted to. You’d be surprised at a lot of there answers!
      Watch a recent interview I did with JR from Less Than Jake:

I don’t see how anyone could not want to save money by going to concerts for free. All that I learned has been compiled here for you! When you read “Concerts For Free” you will learn how easy it is to use my proven secrets! You WILL:

Meet your favorite band - I have met hundreds of bands including Blink 182, Weezer, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Green Day and Limp Bizkit. Many have

Who needs this manual and why? Everyone and anyone who is interested in music of any kind! You can use this manual to get free tickets to your first concert or your 30th. Have you ever skipped a concert because it was way to expensive? Have you ever waited in line but not gotten tickets anyway? Well wait no longer and start going to concerts for free! You can be 13 years old or 103 years old, you can listen to punk or pop or country, it doesn’t matter. This manual works for EVERYONE! It is filled with hundreds of tips that you can use to get into concerts for free. It guides you right through every step needed to start getting free tickets. Are you tired of paying $55 for one concert ticket? This is your escape from that you can now get the tickets for FREE… Forever! There is so much more I that tell you about in my manual that I couldn’t possibly list it all here! What you have read is only a small sampling the secret information you will learn when you read “How to Get Into Concerts for Free.” You need to read this straight to the point manual if you are serious about saving thousands of your hard earned dollars. Just like I have done you can put your cash back into your pocket and spend it on something more useful. This information I am offering you is vital.

Hilary Duff & author Chris Barrett

Hilary Duff & author Chris Barrett

This is the copyrighted manual written by the 26-year-old author Chris Barrett. Originally written when he was just 15, Chris has been getting into concerts for free since the age 13!!!! The manual is written in an easy to understand format that takes you to go through a step-by-step process for getting into concerts for free. If you listen to Justin Timberlake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Incubus, Dashboard Confessional, or any other band or artist, this manual is for you. You could be standing backstage talking with your favorite stars. You could be sitting in the front row of a concert taking pictures of Mark, Tom & Travis, Brandon Boyd or even Britney Spears! If you ever plan on going to a concert again… You need this manual! Do not let this chance pass you by! If you are 13 years old or 73 years old you will benefit from the inside secrets for getting backstage passes and free tickets to any concert! The preface from “How To Get into Concerts for Free”:

At age 13, I began gaining admission to concerts for free. By age 16, I had written and published online the first edition of the manual, How to Get Into Concerts For Free.” 10,000 copies sold within three years. After high school, I became the first corporately sponsored college student in the United States. I appeared in the award-winning documentaries, The Corporation and Maxed Out. I was a producer on a half-dozen independent films, and launched Powerhouse Pictures Entertainment, a film production company.

Direct Your Own Life by : Chris Barrett & Efren Ramirez

Direct Your Own Life by : Chris Barrett & Efren Ramirez

Most recently, I co-authored with Efren Ramirez the book Direct Your Own Life: How to be a Star in Any Field You Choose! Efren is perhaps best known for his roles in Napoleon Dynamite. The book is available at and in bookstores across the country. Now, 10 years after first producing this manual, I am still getting into concerts for free. But, during that decade, I have adapted my methods to fit today’s changing scene and technology, and I have added new methods that were not feasible or available 10 years ago. Getting into concerts for free has never been this easy. In this fourth edition, I share my techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion, and share with the reader a few of my concert experiences. I want everyone – from young teenagers who can’t get tickets to a Jonas Brothers or Lady GaGa concert, to the last-living Rolling Stone fan – to experience the joys of not only getting into the concert without a ticket, but being able to photograph the performance, and interview the artists. Ticket prices have not gotten cheaper in the last decade. When I wrote the first edition of this manual, bands would go on tour for the purpose of getting out the word about their music – to sell their albums. Today, concerts are about selling other band merchandise: a t-shirt can cost you $35 to $50 at a concert where the tickets are up to $300 apiece. Ask any teenager or young adult to name the last album he or she purchased at a brick-n-mortar record store. The answer you are likely to get is, “I don’t know, I can’t really remember.” Today, consumers go online to iTunes, and for 99 cents, purchase their one or two favorite songs from their favorite band’s most-recent album. Today’s is a deliver-content-on-demand society. In fact, perhaps even a majority of young adults haven’t even logged onto the iTunes store recently: They can get music for free through Limewire or streaming music sites such as and My methods for getting into concerts for free are not in any respect similar to downloading music illegally. My methods are 100-percent legal. You will not get from this manual the blueprints of major concert venues or in-depth schematics showing weaknesses in entry-way security. Nor will you get a free security t-shirt and hat that will enable you to blend in, and walk through the backdoor. But, I am ready to share with you my newly updated tips for getting into concerts for free. I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from the first ten years of persons who benefited from my methods; they tell me of their successes in getting to meet some of their favorite bands. To them and to you, I can say that the methods have grown easier with time, as technology has gotten better.

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I offer 100% guarantee on my “How to Get into Concerts for Free” manual. All of the information in it is for real. It is straight to the point and has no useless filler information to make it longer than it should be. I made this as simple as can be. If you read through it, you will have a much better understanding of how to get into concerts for free, get backstage passes, and more… After reading the manual that I published, with years of research and development, I am offering it to you. I would not be letting people read my information if I did not believe in it. And it works. There is no risk involved! If you terribly disappointed with it, and you follow the steps and still you’re not getting into any concerts for free you can email me and I’ll either help you out or offer you a refund! promise you will learn so much from this that it will make you ecstatic.

Testimonials “Using Chris’s manual I got to meet Rivers Quomo, Brian Bell and the rest of Weezer. They signed my poster and Rivers even signed my Pinkerton CD with a gold marker and laughed about it. It was the best day of my entire life. I will never forget getting a hug from Rivers. Thanks Chris! I can’t thank you enough!” – Erin R., NYC “This is a manual that gets you Backstage passes,photo passes and tickets for FREE! It works I bought this manual a while ago and it’s got me into a TON of concerts! I was thinking this is a waste of money but I’m glad I took the risk and bought it.It tells you everything to get on the VIP list how to call up the ticket booth and get free tickets! It is no hassle either.” – Paul T, Los Angeles “I thought it was a stupid idea and a waste of money to order this manual, but it was only a couple bucks!! I went ahead and sent my money. I got the manual 5 days after I sent the payment. I read through the manual and I realized that I have been stupid for getting into shows for the full price that everyone else paid!! I contacted the publicist for Backstreet Boys and next thing I know I am on the guest list for their show! I can’t wait to see them at the Bryce Jordan Center.” – Bru , Philadelphia

How To Get Into Concerts For Free: Written by: Chris Barrett This one of a kind manual is only available through our website. You will not find this on any other website or in bookstores. Your ebook manual will be emailed instantly! If you would like to order the Ebook “How To Get Into Concerts For Free” for $19.95 click “Buy Now” below and follow the payment steps.

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What are you waiting for? Anyone can do this; so let’s get started. I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about all the concerts you get into for free, all the bands you do interviews with, what bands you were hanging backstage with, and what you spend your thousands of dollars in savings on. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, keep the letters coming; I love to hear your success stories (I get more more and more every single day!!!)

If you have any questions send me an email

Best regards,
Chris Barrett

Author Chris Barrett

Author Chris Barrett has been featured in the following media outlets: The Today Show, Teen Magazine, Seventeen Magazine, CBS Early Show, Fox & Friends, MSNBC,CNN, CNN FN, People Magazine, LA Times, NY Times, New York Post (Up and Comers in 2001), Yahoo Internet Life Magazine (Best of 2000), Website of the week on Yahoo,, New Jersey Monthly, Entrepreneur Magazine, Money Magazine, USA Today, London Times, The Register, The Metro, Trackers, Canal Plus, NBC 4, ABC Affiliates, Fox News,, Studio Y, Wall Street Journal’s Classroom Edition, Spin Magazine, BBC Asia/Europe, National Public Radio, ZDNET,Jay Thomas Morning Show, Bloomberg Radio, Associated Press, 1010 WINS, MSN, XM, and over 400+ Radio Interviews, and many, many more.

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